Meet Prime finance, the true all-in-one business management software you were waiting for, finally is here. Manage Customers, Billing, Accounting in one integrated solution.

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Prime Finance is a Well Designed Business Billing & Accounting finance Solution. Application is packed with ton of features like Invoicing, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Supplier management, Project Management, Accounts, Data & Reports, REST API, CORN JOBS, Employee Management with distinct user roles and multiple payment currencies.

Manage Your Customers

Customers are the most important people for any organization. It is the customer who creates demand for goods and services.
cimagencytz is a platform that allows you to maintain a focus on your customer in a faster, simpler way.

Log customer activity, e.g. Quote request, Phone call details etc.
Create & Send Invoice for Customer
Customer Portal
Assign downloadable files for customers with secure url. Customer will be able to download assigned files from customer portal
Add orders for your service / products for your customer. Orders with orders details (e.g. Order activation details) will be shown on customer portal
Send Quote / Proposals for your customers
Send email to your customer
Add profile image for customer
Log, track transactions for your customer & customer will be able to view it from customer portal
Send notifications, sms using hooks
Add even more features using Plugins


Cimagencytz Invoicing software is one of the best invoicing software in the market. It’s ready for both online & offline invoicing method. Create it, send it, get payment online. Or print it, give it to your customers. We have added innovative way to send invoice. Every invoice generates unique, secure invoice url. You can send it via email, messenger, live chat. So that customer does not need to login to view your invoice. Customer can pay invoice directly using this link.

Send Notification- Invoice Created, Payment reminder, Overdue notice, Payment confirmation etc.
Get paid faster with Online Payment gateways
Create invoice with WYSIWYG editor
Add notes, payment terms in invoice
Add Payment to invoice, Record Partial Payment
View / Download PDF
Customizable invoice layout
Send SMS notification using hooks
Link to generate printable version of Invoice
Client can access all invoices from Client Portal
And add custom feature based on your business requirements using Plugin

Get Paid Online

Send Quote / Proposal / Estimates
Using Cimagencytz, you can create beautiful quote with WYSIWYG editor. Customer can accept it from Client Portal or using unique url. Later you can convert it to Invoice.

Create quote using WYSIWYG editor
View / Download PDF
Send Email with quote
Convert it to invoice
Quote accessible from Client Portals
Customer can Accept or Decline Quote

Custom plugin

Add custom features using plugins and apps. Create your own or buy existing from the marketplace.

Bank & Cash

Track all your Bank accounts from one single place. Know total balance, transactions, statement etc.

Products & Services

Sell both Products & Services. Create products & services, use it in Invoicing, Proposals, Orders etc & Track your sales.

Admin full demo

username :

password : demo@123

Employee full demo

username :

password : employe@123

The possibilities are endless,See it in action...Login ADMIN Login EMPLOYEE


Contact Management
Contact Activity
Contact Profile with Image
Send Email directly from Portal
Full Featured Ajax Quick Invoicing
Create Recurring Invoice
Send Invoice Payment Reminder & Payment Confirmations
Collect Payments with Payment Gateway
Track Income, Expense
8 Reporting Tools
Beautiful Dashboard for quick snapshot for your Business
Logs for Audit
Supports Multiple Users
Fully Branded, No Powered By, No Copyright Notice
One Click Database Backup
Optimized for best performance
Tested by generating millions of random transactions
Supports to send email using SMTP
Customizable Email Templates
Tag in Customer Accounts, Transactions etc.
Contacts, Customer Notes
Email Message Log


Prime Finance

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$499 /  Fulltime
Lightweight CRM,
Accounting Finance and Billing Software
Standard Support (5 months)
Advanced Features (Check Demo)

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Prime Finance – Invoicing, Accounting & CRM Software
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Prime Finance – The features you want, the simplicity you need! Beautifully designed for best User Interface & User Experience. The software That Works For YOUR Business! Get growing – with affordable, scalable business software. Find innovative ways to manage customers data, communicate with customer, know your business cash flow, net worth, send invoice to customer Hassle-free with single click payment reminder, payment confirmations & get paid online integrated with payment gateways.

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