Database Design & Development

Cimagencytz is a market leader in database designing and development in Malawi & Tanzania, wherein our services include customized database management as the tool for optimizing businesses and business processes. We create websites with secure backend database that solve your unique business requirements.  To effectively manage and design business processes, database solutions is the most pertinent choice. Cutting edge technologies are being developed daily to smoothen and expedite business processes using advanced Information technology. Cim Agencytz has been providing database services to various customers in across different industry verticals. We leverage our expertise in offering services in a wide array of databases which include the entire spectrum of any organization’s database requirements. We also provide to our esteemed clients, database developers, who can work as an extended arm of your organization. Our expertise envelops a wide gamut in designing and managing diverse sets of databases, both traditional and modern, which can store structured, semi structured and unstructured data and provide solutions.

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