Manage Your Customers

Customers are the most important people for any organization. It is the customer who creates demand for goods and services.
cimagencytz is a platform that allows you to maintain a focus on your customer in a faster, simpler way.

Log customer activity, e.g. Quote request, Phone call details etc.
Create & Send Invoice for Customer
Customer Portal
Assign downloadable files for customers with secure url. Customer will be able to download assigned files from customer portal
Add orders for your service / products for your customer. Orders with orders details (e.g. Order activation details) will be shown on customer portal
Send Quote / Proposals for your customers
Send email to your customer
Add profile image for customer
Log, track transactions for your customer & customer will be able to view it from customer portal
Send notifications, sms using hooks
Add even more features using Plugins

Current Features

   Branchless Channels
  •  Internet Banking.
  •  Mobile Banking App.
  •  Customer Portal.
  •  CIM OTP Token.
  •  Wallet Solutions.
  •  Financial Switch.
  •  Tablet application for Door step service.
   Branch Banking
  •  Branches small / medium / large.
   Customer Acquisition
  •  Relation Management – CRM.
  •  KYC / Registration / Account Opening.
   Direct Investment Process
  •  Investor Management.
  •  Term Investment Management.
  •  Periodical Dividend Process.
  •  Fixed Deposit (FD) Management.
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