3D Character Modelling

50,000 MK 

 35,000 MK 

This course is for intermediate users


Design your own 3D character in 4 weeks

In this intermediate level course, students will learn how to model a character in 3D. Once this is established, students will be taught how to texture and rig. Finally, you will create simple animations like walk and run cycles on your character realistically while applying the principles of animation. Next students are taught 3-point lighting set up and how to render out their animation to video. The course is practical oriented with lots of homework and one-on-one help from the instructor. The last week will be devoted to completing their final projects and production of a 15 second animation reel.

Duration: 4 weeks
Software: Autodesk Maya
Time: 9-12am or 1-4pm
Mentorship: 1 month free
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